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Product Overview

Are you looking to have full control over your car setup and alignment but frustrated with using strings on jack stands and want something totally customizable to your vehicle? This kit makes it easy to get accurate and repeatable toe adjustment results.

The Ansix Auto String Alignment kit uses standard 3/4" square and round tubing so you can cut the lengths to exactly what you want. This kit can be easily assembled using simple hand tools and quickly setup in your home shop or at the track. Because the string is mounted to your vehicle, you are able to roll the car back and forth to settle the suspension without having to reset your string. The kit is made of durable PETG 3D printed parts with stainless steel hardware.

The standard 3/4" size is available at any metal supply shop for around $30-$40 (using 3/4" - 1/16"wall square and round tubing, around 20ft of each) and fishing line or kite string complete the kit.

The Tubing blocks allow for easy adjustment of the string to set it up perfectly on your car and lock into place with the thumb knobs. The chassis hooks fit nicely on radiator supports or in trunk trim. The string tube blocks hold the 3/4" round tubing and allow for easy back and forth movement to square up your string.


What's included:

x4 Tubing block with locking thumb knobs

x4 Chassis hooks with hardware

x4 String tube blocks with locking thumb knobs

This is enough to make a complete alignment set.


What you will need to buy separately:

String - I like to use kite string. Fishing line is also nice. Some like to use chalk snap lines

Tubing - 3/4" round and square tubing. Usually sold in 20ft lengths which is enough for most vehicles. 1/16" wall makes a nice light setup but if you want want something more substantial (less prone to move if bumped) you can go thicker. Usually these are around $1 per foot.


Optional parts:

String holders

Polypropylene Slip plates


*NOTE: These are 3D printed parts and colour may vary. Usually sold in grey but may come in other colours.


DIY String Alignment Kit Instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review