2022+ BRZ/GR86 Oil Cooler Kit

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Ansix Auto Low Restriction Oil Cooler Kit


We designed our kit with two main objectives. The first objective was to lower the operating oil temperature of the oil compared to the stock heat exchanger. Most oil coolers kits manage to accomplish this to a varying degree. The core we use is designed for 170hp-250hp with a BTU/hr Range of 24,000-30,000.  Our second objective of the kit was to minimize the flow restriction from installing the oil cooler. We want to do this to allow the oil pressure being supplied to the engine to be as close to the stock setup as possible. 

How does our oil cooler kit have less flow restriction?


  1. We use a high row count oil cooler. We use a 40 row cooler which means that the oil has more pathways (40) to choose from to cross to the other side and the distance to cross to the cold side is shorter. Think of it like a highway with lots of lanes and a short distance compared to a highway with only 4 lanes and a long distance to go. This higher row count cooler has a lower pressure drop across the core than the lower cost low row count cores you see other kits use.
  2. With the core we’ve chosen, we were able to minimize the hose lengths since they both exit from the same side (driver side). The shorter hoses also contributes to minimizing the flow restriction.
  3. We designed our kit to be installed without the stock heat exchanger. Most oil cooler kits are designed to be used with the stock heat exchanger and if you decide to remove it, the hoses or fittings typically interfere with the stock intake. By removing the stock heat exchanger, we can remove some of the flow restriction and increase the overall oil pressure supplied to the engine.


Why is our oil cooler kit more expensive than other kits?


There are two reasons for why our kit doesn’t compare with the lowest cost kits on the market. Firstly, it’s just because of the oil cooler core we’ve chosen. Higher row count cores are more expensive. Simple as that. Secondly, we include a thermostatic sandwich plate. Some kits do not include that and can prevent your car from fully warming up your oil.


How much flow restriction does our oil cooler kit have?


We’ve done testing to show you, have a look at the chart below.

All this pressure data is taken at 100°C (212°F) oil temperatures. You can see that compared to the stock heat exchanger, our oil cooler kit at higher rpms lowers the overall oil pressure by about 3.5psi. We think that’s a pretty good compromise for having lower oil temperatures. With the stock heat exchanger, if the oil temperatures go higher, the oil pressure drop rapidly due to the lower oil viscosity.


Why do I want an oil cooler if the stock car already has a heat exchanger?


We found that with the stock heat exchanger, the oil temps can get up to 130°C (266°F) very easily. At this elevated temperature, the oil viscosity is quite a lot lower than the normal operating temperature of 100°C (212°F). The lower viscosity means there is less oil pressure and that the oil provides less protection for the motor. For a stock setup, we would recommend moving to a 5w30 or 5w40 oil. However, some people have concerns about changing the oil from the 0w20 on the street if they drive in colder climates. With a quality oil cooler, you will be able to keep your oil temperatures lower out on track and because of this, you may be able to use the factory recommended viscosity for street and track.


Won’t my oil be too cold for street driving?


Our oil cooler kit uses a thermostatic sandwich plate. This allows the oil to get up to operating temperature without concern of your oil being too cold.


How much extra oil do I need to add to my engine?


Including the oil cooler with the hoses, each oil change, assuming the oil cooler is drained, will require an additional 0.6 quarts.

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