About Us

Ansix Auto is a subsidiary of Ansix Designs Limited and we are based in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. At Ansix Designs, we focus on designing high quality consumer products over the years and are always looking for innovative ways to improve existing products that our customers desire. Our products at Ansix Designs includes the popular Fantom Wallet, ChronoLinks watch adapters, and LensPacks camera lens holders.

While having a portfolio of attractive products for a wide range of customers, we have always been passionate car enthusiasts. Our roots as engineers and track-day junkies date back into the 2000's with various Honda, Subaru, and Mazda platforms, including the ever popular EG Civic, the EK Civic, the S2000, the FC RX-7, all the way to the NC1 NSX and the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. We love designing and fabricating modifications for our own cars. Over the years, different performance parts have been designed and tested in-house. We are confident with what we have designed and we want to share these fantastic products with other car enthusiasts. That's how Ansix Auto came to life.

Our products are designed by experienced engineers, constructed by highly-skilled fabricators, and made of high-quality components. We are focused on designing performance parts that are easy to install with optimal fitment. 

We believe in providing excellent customer service. As such, if you ever have any questions regarding our products or your purchase from us, you can count on us to be able to assist.