2022+ BRZ/GR86 FA24 Oil Pan Baffle

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The Ansix Auto baffle offers a few advantages over its competitors. Firstly, our baffle is designed to have a tight fit in the recessed lip of the block. Other baffles have a gap all the way around which can allow oil to slosh up past the baffle making it less effective. Secondly, our baffle has its doors oriented with the direction of the lateral oil movement. This means that under cornering, the direction of flow will push the doors shut and also allow oil from the opposite end to drain down more readily. Finally, our baffle does not add any additional sealing surfaces. Some baffles are bolted through using the oil pan bolts. This doubles the required sealing area and leaks could be more likely.


Installation Guide - BRZ/GR86 Oil Pan Kit


(No reviews yet) Write a Review