2022+ BRZ/GR86 Complete Oil Pan RTV Solution

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Product Overview

This is Ansix Auto’s solution to the RTV issue that’s been affecting all Toyota GR86 and 2022+ Subaru BRZ FA24 motors. Owners have been finding RTV blocking up their oil pick up tubes. The RTV comes not only from the oil pan, but from the sealing of the timing cover and the block halves. Since the RTV can break off at any time, dropping the oil pan once to clean out the pick up may not be sufficient long term as more RTV can break off at a later date. Our solution is to add a port to the oil pan to allow for inspection and clean up of the pick up at every oil change interval.

Included Parts:
  • Modified Oil Pan
  • 5x O rings for drain plug
  • Oil Pan baffle
  • RTV Vacuum tool
  • Mesh

Modified Oil Pan with Inspection Bung

We take brand new oil pans and weld in an inspection bung at the correct location to inspect and clear out the oil Pickup.

The bung is designed to sit flush inside the oil pan and also not protrude too far down to be the lowest point in the car. Each pan is individually vacuum leak tested. Once the pans are welded, they are sent out for a Cerakote Glacier coating. This high temperature ceramic coating provides an extra thermal barrier to reduce the amount of heat transfer for the nearby exhaust to the oil via radiation and convection. 

RTV Vacuum tool

The vacuum tool allows our customers to make use of their shop vacuum to suck up the RTV from the oil pickup tube via the installed drain port. The tool is designed to allow the suction to be pulsated rapidly to generate turbulence at the oil pickup to loosen the RTV from the strainer and suck it away. The included mesh allows you to collect the RTV for inspection.

Oil Pan baffle

The Ansix Auto baffle offers a few advantages over its competitors. Firstly, our baffle is designed to have a tight fit in the recessed lip of the block. Other baffles have a gap all the way around which can allow oil to slosh up past the baffle making it less effective. Secondly, our baffle has its doors oriented with the direction of the lateral oil movement. This means that under cornering, the direction of flow will push the doors shut and also allow oil from the opposite end to drain down more readily. Finally, our baffle does not add any additional sealing surfaces. Some baffles are bolted through using the oil pan bolts. This doubles the required sealing area and leaks could be more likely.


Installation Guide - BRZ/GR86 Oil Pan Kit


(No reviews yet) Write a Review