2022+ BRZ/GR86 Accusump Installation Kit

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Product Overview

This Accusump kit allows you to a 2 quart Accusump or 1.5 quart Moroso HD accumulator to your 2022+ GR86 / BRZ. The mounts are made of CFRP and secure the Accusump to the diagonal strut braces in the engine bay. 


If you're dealing with oil pressure drops at the track, using an accumulator is the solution you are looking for. Our mounts make the installation a breeze. With our mounts and plumbing kit, the install typically takes around 30 minutes.


You can choose add a plumbing kit in the drop down to add the required fittings and prefrabricated hose to make your install a plug and play ordeal. If you didn't order your Accusump with a valve, you can add a manual one via the drop down as well. We provide a full bore nickel plated 1/2" valve with a compact handle. If you've purchased the Moroso HD accumulator, a valve is already included.


If you'd like to add the Canton Accusump electric valve, please see the link below:

Accusump Pro Electric Valve Kit


Accusump vs Moroso

The advantage of the Accusump is the larger capacity over the Moroso, 2 quarts vs 1.5 quarts. The disadvantage of the Accusump is the relief valve on the oil side which can spray oil all over the engine bay and become a fire hazard as well as completely emptying your sump. The Moroso has the manual valve included which is extra value.


Accumulator Part numbers:

Moroso HD 1.5 Quart Accumulator: 23903

Canton Accusump 2 Quart Accumulator: 24-026


These mounts will only with the 2 quart Accusump or 1.5 quart Moroso HD Accumulator. Please select the correct mount in the drop down box. Orders with the Accusump will have the Accusump shipped separately.


Below is data comparing the oil pressure with and without an Accusump at Area 27 Motorsports Park.


BRZ Accusump Installation Instructions

Product Videos


(No reviews yet) Write a Review