AP Racing Front Brake Kit - Mercedes-Benz AMG GT/GT S/GT C

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Product Overview

These kits are made to order and can have a lead time of up to 8 weeks.

Complete front Ansix Auto AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit for the AMG GT:

  • Works with OEM 19" wheels
  • Works with OEM 390mm Iron rotors
  • AP Racing CP9668 Calipers with ventilated stainless steel pistons and anti-knockback springs
  • Piston size configuration optimized to be paired with the OEM rear brakes and master cylinder
  • Uses 25mm thick pads for increased thermal capacity and pad life
  • Increase pad options for both street and track use
  • Saves 1.3lbs per rotor with optional rotors (vs stock Iron Rotors) of rotational weight.
  • Saves 3.7lbs per caliper of unsprung weight.
  • 390x36mm Girodisc two piece rotors (optional)


Compatibility: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT/GT S/GT C (Cars with CCB must order the kit with the optional rotors)

The Ansix Auto AP Racing Front Brake Kit was born from the main weakness of the AMG GT. The stock brakes, regardless of iron or optional CCB would not hold up with constant track abuse. Sessions of longer than 15 minutes are likely to end with brake fade and potentially even caliper discoloration. With the track focused AP Racing calipers, you'll be putting on brakes which are specifically designed to handle the heat and the abuse that tracking your vehicle will dish out.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review