Front Brake Ducts - Mercedes-Benz AMG GT/GT S/ GT C/GT R

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Compatibility: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT/GT S/GT C/GT R

*** Does NOT fit the GT R PRO ***

This set of front brake ducts are designed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT to improve the brake cooling performance during track driving or spiriting driving.

The factory brake system is powerful and is designed specifically for everyday driving. However, during spirited and/or track driving, the factory brake system may become overheated easily, causing brake fade and in severe cases, potential complete brake failure.

To ensure that brake temperatures are kept in check, Ansix Auto brake ducts are designed to direct airflow to the brake components to effectively reduce the possibility of brake fade due to repeated, hard braking events. The end result is a more consistent, confidence-inspiring brake pedal feel during hard driving.

The brake duct set includes the following parts:

  • Left and Right Front Brake Deflectors with Aluminum Mounting Brackets
  • Two Stainless Steel M12 Nuts
  • Two 10" Long Cable Ties
  • Detailed Installation Guide

The brake duct is mounted using the bracket on the brake duct to the area where the sway bar end link mounts to the lower A arm. The two holes on the brake duct are for securing the brake duct around the lower A arm with a cable tie.

***Cutting of the factory brake dust shield is required for installation.***

Installation Guide - Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Front Brake Ducts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review