AMG GT/GTS (Prefacelift) Rear Toe Link Spherical Bearings

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*This is NOT compatible with GT cars equiped with rear steering*

The AMG GT/GTS uses rubber bushings to provide a balance of comfort and track performance. As the AMG GT model has evolved, the GTR and GTR pro have gone to using more and more spherical bearings in the suspension. The most important suspension joint to upgrade is the toe control arm since any play in the toe arm will make the car feel unstable. In addition, changing the toe control arm to a spherical bearing will have the smallest relative increase in noise harshness and vibration compared to the adding bearings to the upper or lower A arms. The elimination of toe deflection with these bearings and will provide better rear end stability and improve driver confidence under hard cornering. These press in spherical bearings use the highest quality maintenance free sealed teflon lined spherical bearings. Please be aware, although these will provide improved performance, it may come at a small sacrifice to ride comfort.

These bearings are sold as a pair (one for each side) and are made to order. Once an order is placed, expect to have them shipped in 4-5 weeks.

An exchange program is available if you prefer not to deal with pressing the bearing sleeve in place. Please not that this price DOES NOT include the arms however we can take a deposit ($400) that will be refunded when you send your old arms back to us after you've installed your new arms.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review