Front Brake Ducts - Honda Civic (1999-2000)

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Compatibility: Honda Civic 1999 to 2000 

This set of front brake ducts is designed specifically for the Honda Civic (1999-2000). The brake ducts will improve the brake cooling performance during track driving or spiriting driving.

The factory brake system is designed for everyday driving. For spirited and/or track driving, the factory brake system is inadequate and upgrading is highly recommended. Even with an upgraded braking system, it may still become overheated easily, causing brake fade and in severe cases, potential complete brake failure.

To ensure that brake temperatures are kept in check, Ansix Auto brake ducts are designed to direct airflow to the brake components to effectively reduce the possibility of brake fade due to repeated, hard braking events. The end result is a more consistent, confidence-inspiring brake pedal feel during hard driving.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review