Subaru EJ Phase 2 Coil Pack Conversion - Honda K Series

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Product Overview

Are your factory coil pack not quite enough for your boosted or high-performance motor build? These coil adaptors are for you!

Our coil adaptors are made from high quality CNC anodized aluminum and they allow you to use the Honda K-series ignition coils on your phase 2 SOHC Subaru heads, specifically for 1999+ non-AVLS heads.

The Honda K-series coils are proven to work with over 400whp on high boost applications and there are upgrade paths available beyond that.   

The Honda K-series coils are readily available at all auto parts retailers including Japan-made DENSO coils (673-2301) from companies like RockAuto for $39 each. The coils can be operated in full sequential ignition or in OEM style wasted spark configuration.


  • The installation of the coil adaptors require the drilling and tapping of your valve cover. It is recommended that this modification be done by a competent machinist. We include instructions
  • Wiring is not included. Complete wiring diagrams will be included but the wiring design will be dependant on the type of ECU you arere using
  • These have been thoroughly tested using a standalone engine management system (Link G4+/VIPEC) and it is highly recommended that your engine management system be capable of adjusting dwell timing for your coils. Use dwell tables to aid setup of your system. 

Installation Guide - Subaru EJ Phase 2 Coil Pack Conversion Honda K Series


(No reviews yet) Write a Review