2022+ BRZ/GR86 Front Brake Ducts

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Product Overview

This set of front brake ducts are designed specifically for the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 to improve the brake cooling performance during track driving or spiriting driving.

The factory brake system is sized quite adequately for most track situations. However, during longer track sessions, it may be beneficial for rotor and pad life to provide additional cooling to the braking system.

To ensure that brake temperatures are kept in check, Ansix Auto brake ducts are designed to channel airflow directly to the the annulus of the brake rotor. This allows more cool air flow through the rotor vanes. The end result is a more consistent, confidence-inspiring brake pedal feel during hard driving.

The brake duct set includes the following parts:

  • Left and Right Front Brake Ducts with Mounting Brackets
  • Hardware for installation
  • Detailed Installation Guide


Installation Guide - BRZ/GR86 Front Brake Ducts


***Cutting or removal of the factory brake dust shield is required for installation.***


(No reviews yet) Write a Review