MyLaps TR2 Transponder No-Drill Mount

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Product Overview

This is a mounting solution for the MyLaps vehicle transponder used for many track events. The mounts that come with the TR2 transponder requires drilling into the bumper or chassis. When renting transponders they don't come with any mounts and you're expected to zip tie it somewhere on the car. 

Zip ties are a fine solution but if the transponder moves or slips you might be losing track times, ruining your session. On top of that it can look tacky. You spent so much time prepping your track and time attack car only to have this transponder bouncing around on your body work.

The Ansix Auto No-Drill mount uses the same wedge clamp design as our No-Drill license plate mounts. Can be attached to any plastic/metal component up to 3.5mm or roughly 1/8" thick. Perfect for the grill fins on most cars or on almost anything else. When not in use you can leave the clamp on the car or remove without any holes left in your bodywork. 

The wedge clamp is CNC machined and anodized aluminum and uses stainless hardware. The MyLaps bracket is 3D printed using carbon reinforced Nylon so it's fine to install near hotter components (radiator/intercooler) or left in direct sunlight. A variety of spacers can be included with the kit to help get the transponder in the perfect spot to be in line with the track surface. 


MyLaps No Drill Mount Installation Instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review