Active Rear Spoiler Delete - Mercedes-Benz SLS

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Compatibility: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG equiped with active spoiler


Are you installing a fixed rear wing on your SLS AMG to replace your active rear spoiler? Installing a fixed wing on its own will cause an error to be displayed and the car will limit the top speed to 200km/h (124mph).

The Active Rear Spoiler Delete Module by Ansix Auto will remove any error codes you may come across when removing the active rear spoiler. This electronic spoiler delete module is a direct plug-in and requires no splicing or modification of the OEM harness for a simple installation process.

*UPDATE*: We have updated the photos to show the new version of the spoiler delete now with a custom connector housing. We are now making these connectors in house for superior quality and fit. Orders going forward will receive the new grey housings. Functionality has not changed. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review