Accusump Electric Valve Controller

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Product Overview

Take all the guesswork out from using an accumulator. Once installed, this controller will activate and deactivate the accumulator to ensure your engine is protected while also preventing excess oil from dumping into your engine.


The electric accumulator valve controller provides a fully automated way of using the Accusump electric valve. The controller will open the valve when it senses spirited driving and remain on for 30 seconds after the spirited driving is finished. The controller will also open the valve when the iginition is turned on to preoil and prime the oiling system. With the Accusump valve, when it is closed, it will still allow the accumulator to fill so there won't be excess oil in your engine. Our kit is designed to be easily installed with no splicing, soldering, or crimping required. It's 100% plug and play and the installation is easily reversible. Once it's installed, there's no need to think about the operation of your accumulator. Just drive and the controller will take care of the rest. If the controller is ordered without the valve, crimping or soldering of two wires will be required for installation.



Automatic valve actuation - Once installed, you don't have to think about the accumulator

Automatic engine preoiling - primes the oiling system when the ignition is turned on to reduce wear on the motor

Status LED to indiciate when the valve is open

Easy plug and play installation

This product is compatible for other vehicle applications, please contact us for details


Why use this kit instead of the pressure switch setup?

Our valve controller uses an accelerometer to determine when the car is subjected to higher g forces. That's when the accumulator is needed to protect the engine. Using a oil pressure based system will cause the valve to open and close unnecessarily when the oil pressure is low due to the engine speed being low. This will cause additional unnecessary actuations on the valve in addition to having the accumulator dump extra oil into the engine.


Why not just use the electric valve with a manual switch?

Although using a simple switch is going to be the most cost effective option, if you forget to flip the switch prior to going on track, the accumulator will be completely inactive and you won't have any engine protection the accumulator provides. Our valve controller will take the burden of that task so you can focus all the other things that require your attention at a track event.

Installation Instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review