2022+ BRZ/GR86 GoPro Camera Mount

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Product Overview

Action Camera mount specifically designed for the 2022+ BRZ/GR86 seats giving the perfect perspective for your next track event.

This mount uses the headrest rods and can be adjusted up, down, and tilted with the included gopro mount and/or with the seat. Camera is centered between the seats so it can be used on either seat. Headrests can be flipped around as well for helmet clearance. Passenger and driver does not interfere with the view from the camera.

Because this mount is specifically designed for the BRZ/GR86 platform, it has a perfect fit and function unlike universal mounts. This will also not damage the seat with clamps or sharp edges. 

Each mount is individually CNC machined from 6061 aluminum then anodized in a durable black finish. The mount comes with all hardware needed along with a plastic GoPro style mount. 

Here is a video using a GoPro Hero 9 (narrow mode with spot metering) along with the Ansix Auto CAN adapter running RaceChrono. 


Camera Mount Installation Instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review