Splitter Diffuser Tunnel - Straight - Pairs

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Product Overview

Maximise your downforce in your front splitter using these diffuser tunnels! Easy to install on any flat splitter made from any material. Plywood, plastic, aluminum composite signboard (alumalite or similar), fiberglass, carbon fiber. By creating a volume expansion (formed between the splitter and the road) the pressure drop occurs giving superior downforce compared to a flat splitter.

These tunnels are made from 1/8" thick vacuum formed ABS plastic that is textured on the top and smooth on the bottom. They can be trimmed to suit your application.

26cm x 15cm x 6cm tunnel plus a minimum of 25mm flange on all sides. It is recommended that the fenders be vented for maximum downforce and that the transition from splitter to tunnel be as smooth as possible. It is recommend that the tunnels be fastened to the splitter with hardware and bonded to keep them attached to the car. We are available to help with installation questions. 

Sold in pairs!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review