Titanium Brake Pad Shim Set (REAR) - Mitsubishi/Nissan/Subaru

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Product Overview

Improve your braking performance, extend the life of your brake components, and make your braking system safer. Our titanium brake pad shims are an excellent and inexpensive way for managing your brake heat. They fit between your brake pad and brake caliper pistons to form a thermal barrier that protects your caliper and fluid from excess heat.

Our titanium brake pad shims are made of are precision engineered and cut 0.5mm 6Al-4V (Grade 5) Titanium. This material offers the lowest thermal conductivity of any titanium. In addition, we’ve applied a ceramic thermal barrier coating to further prevent heat transfer to the brake caliper, pistons and fluid. The coating used for these shims is the same as what is used on high performance pistons.

Main Advantages:

Consistent Braking on the Track

Our Titanium Brake Pad Shims help prevent “brake fade” from happening. Brake fade is when there is a sudden loss of braking power that occurs when the brake fluid starts to overheat. Brake fade can be very dangerous on the track.

Improved Safety

By reducing the likelihood of brake fake, our brake pad shims reduce the chance of brake failure, thus protecting you from going off-track as you push for the limits of your car.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

By reducing the heat transfer from the brake pads to other brake caliper components, including dust boots, caliper seals, piston surfaces and of course brake fluid, the braking system will last longer, thus lowering your maintenance costs. The maintenance interval of the brake components will also be extended. Spend more time on the track rather than in the shop.


This brake pad shim set is designed for the following brake pads:

Hawk Brake Pad #  HB178
Pagid Brake Pad #  Pagid 1406
Performance Friction #  PFC0460
FMSI Designation #  FMSI D460
FMSI Designation #  FMSI D647
FMSI Designation #  FMSI D1182

This brake pad shim set is designed specifically for the following vehicles equipped with 2-Pot rear "Group N" brakes:

Brand Model Year(s)
Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 1992-1999
Nissan R32 GT-R Skyline Sumitomo 1989-1994
Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo 1990-1996
Nissan 300ZX 1994-1996
Subaru Impreza WRX 2006-2007

***Please note that NOT ALL of the above vehicles are equipped with the same type of brakes. Please check compatbility with your vehicle before placing your order.

***Each Brake Pad Shim Set comes with 4 Shims.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review